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  • IP Genesis receives two new patents: Genboree Hosting Program Complete.

Genboree Hosting Program

Genboree Hosting Program aims to provide Genboree Hosting services to a small number of early clients who already generate high volumes of genomic data such as:

  • Genome variation at the base pair level;
  • Structural genome variation;
  • Epigenomic data;
  • Heterogeneous genomic information generated by multiple genomic technologies.

Comparative Sequence Assembly (CSA)

CSA technology assembles read fragments from a DNA sequencing project using related genomic sequences to guide the assembly process. CSA enables faster, more economical and accurate assemblies of genomes using next-generation sequencing technologies.


Genboree Discovery System is a turnkey software system for genomic research. While it can be configured to support almost any genome-centric discovery process, a number of configurations already exist for specific applications.

Pash program implements Positional Hashing, an extremely fast and accurate sequence comparison method. Pash enables fast and sensitive anchoring of hundreds of millions of short sequences produced by next-generation sequencing technologies.